Local meats this week at Rafns'

OCTOBER 30, 2013

We are sold out of the McK Ranch eggs, but we have a good supply of Stiebrs Farms cage-free eggs from Washington State. Fresh bacon arrives on Friday! We are also taking orders for free-range Thanksgiving turkeys. Details are listed below. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to find it!

Stockton, CA

These broad-breasted white turkeys are raised by Grimaud Farms in Stockton, California. They are raised hormone and antibiotic free, on a GMO-free diet, and are free range with unrestricted access to the outdoors. The birds are air-chilled in the European style, rather than dunked in chlorinated water. This is one of the best turkeys you can buy!

Price: $6.75/lb.
Available sizes: 14-18 lbs.

Theif River Falls, Minnesota

An economical, yet high quality bird for Thanksgiving. These turkeys are free-range, antibiotic and hor mone free, and available in many sizes.

Price: $3.75/lb.
Available sizes: 10-26 lbs.

Cattail Creek Lamb - Junction City OR
100% grass-fed, drug and chemical free, raised and butchered locally

Rack of Lamb
Stew Meat
Shish Kebab
Ground Lamb

McK Ranch Beef - Dallas OR
100% grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free, dry-aged 21 days

New York Steak (SOLD OUT)
Chuck Roast
Ground Beef (FRESH)
Stew Meat
Marrow Bones (SOLD OUT)
Beef Hotdogs
Beef Pastrami
Beef Salami (nitrite-free)
Jerky & Pepper Sticks
Chicken Eggs, no corn/soy (SOLD OUT)

Rain Shadow El Rancho - Scio OR
humanely-raised meats, no antibiotics or hormones, superior flavor

Ground Pork (FRESH)
Bison Hotdogs
Ground Bison

Tails & Trotters - Portland OR
Northwest hazelnut finished pork

Chorizo Pork Sausages
Sweet Italian Pork Sausages

Duck Fat - Stockton, CA

Grimaud Farms 16 oz.
Fabrique Delices 7 oz.

Olympic Provisions - Portland OR
handcrafted pork salami and sausages, seasoned to perfection

Cotto Salami
Pistachio Mortadella
Chorizo Rioja

Beautiful Pig - Longview WA
gourmet dry-cured meats by Christopher Leach

Hot Tuscan Salami
Smoked Hungarian Salami
Bresaola (SOLD OUT)
Spanish Lomo (SOLD OUT)

Salumi Artisan Cured Meats - Seattle WA
traditional Italian-style dry cured meats

Salumi Coppa (SOLD OUT)
Salumi Hot Sopressata (SOLD OUT)

Chop Butchery - Portland OR
small-batch salami and charcuterie

Curry Salami
Herbs De Provence Salami (nitrite-free)