Meats and wines to serve for Easter dinner

APRIL 2015

Local Meats for Easter

We have several local meat options for Easter Sunday. Supplies are always limited this time of year, so please contact us soon to reserve your meats.

We plan to stock Cattail Creek Grass-Fed Lamb, including "Osso Buco" Shanks and Ground Lamb. From Heritage Farms and Tails & Trotters we'll have Bacon, Pork Brisket, Boneless Chops, Sausage Links, and Whole Pork Tenderloin. While lamb and pork are most popular on Easter Sunday, we also have a good supply of Grass-Fed Beef and Whole Free-Range Chicken. Just let us know what you need!

Wines for Easter

Are you having Lamb for dinner? Try a bottle of Nero d'Avola by Cantine Colosi ($11), from Sicily. This full-bodied red wine features notes of dark berries and just a hint of minerality. Excellent with the robust flavors of grass-fed lamb!

Are you having Smoked Ham for dinner? How about a bottle of Saviah Cellars Riesling ($15) from the Columbia Valley? It's a perfect balance of sweetness, acidity, and bright apple and pear flavors.

We have an excellent selection of West Coast and Italian wines to suit any occasion. Come see what we have to offer!