S E A S O N A L   C O C K T A I L S

Fathoms Below | $10 | Cruzan Blackstrap dark rum, house-made scotch rose liqueur, orange syrup, house-made aromatic and orange bitters. Stirred and served over ice.

A Berry Smoky Cocktail | $12 | Wild Roots marionberry vodka, Vida mezcal, house-made cranberry liqueur, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup. Shaken and served over ice.

Ginger Sidecar | $13 | Courvoisier V.S.O.P. cognac, Tuaca, red chili simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice. Shaken and topped with Hotlips organic ginger ale. Served up.

Eden Rose Brown | $9 | Bombay gin, house-made cranberry liqueur, house-made amaro, orange syrup, and dill seed extract. Served over ice.

H O U S E   F A V O R I T E S

Johnnie and Ginger | $9 | Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch, Hotlips organic ginger ale, fresh lime. Served over ice.

French 75 | $10 | Bombay Sapphire Gin, lemon juice, sugar, and sparkling wine. Served in a Champagne flute.

Oregon Old Fashioned | $11 | Burnside Bourbon, house-made aromatic bitters, Amarena cherry, twist of orange. Served over ice.

Oregon Cosmopolitan | $10 | House citrus vodka, fresh lime, house-made triple sec, Hotlips marionberry soda. Served up.

Rafns' Manhattan | $10 | Bulleit Bourbon, house-made sweet vermouth, house-made aromatic bitters, Amarena cherry, twist of orange. Stirred and served up.

Rafns' Rusty Nail | $12 | Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch, house-made scotch rose liqueur, dash of bitters, twist of lemon. Served over ice.

Dirty Martini | $11 | Vivacity Organic Gin, house-made dry vermouth, Castelvetrano olive and its brine. Shaken and served up.

Three drink maximum per person. No exceptions.