Groups & Events

Rafns’ restaurant is a warm and intimate setting perfect for your special event. Depending on the size of your group, we are happy to accommodate a large group reservation, or book the entire space for a private event.

We can fit a large groups between the size of 12-18 guests for a regular reservation. Groups of 12 or more will require a small security deposit. Also, due to the small scale and specialty nature of our establishment, groups of 12 or more may be given a slightly limited menu. Feel free to contact us with more questions.

Due to space limitations in the dining room and the kitchen, we limit the size of large group reservations to 18. This means that groups of 19 or more are required to rent out the entire space as a private event. For private events we are able to accommodate up to 40 guests. We will work with all private events to create a custom and unique menu that fits your needs.

Please fill out the form below to request a reservation for a large group or private event. This form is specifically for large groups of 12-18 or private events. If your group is less than 12, please call in your reservation at 503-580-2936.


Large Group & Private Event Request Form

This form is intended for inquiries regarding groups of 12 or more and private events. For regular reservations please call us at 503-580-2936.

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