Featured Farmers & Growers

At Rafns’ not just the quality, but the integrity of the ingredients we use is of the utmost importance to us. It’s not just about sourcing local, or organic… but the intention and process behind each ingredient. Food is complicated, so we like to get to know our growers in order to confirm the standards. Here are a few sources that we love and have built meaningful relationships with.


Minto Island Growers

Minto Island Growers was formed is 2008 when Elizabeth and Chris started converting several acres of the Salem farm, owned by the Miller family, to organic vegetable production. Elizabeth grew up working for the Miller family farm operation- Mt. Jefferson Farms, which encompasses many acres and projects, both in the Willamette Valley and Eastern Oregon. The Salem farm where MIG operates, was purchased in the early 1970′s, mostly due to its industrial scale, operating mint still- a unique asset because at that time MJF grew extensive mint acreage for essential oil. 

Native and hybrid poplars were planted in research blocks and other stoolbeds were cultivated to supply other poplar plantings. The native plants work, started in Scio/Shelburne at the mint farm, was also expanded into a native plants nursery specializing in large riparian restoration projects.

All the Miller family kids spent summers working at the Salem farm and nursery. When Minto Island Growers was formed, Elizabeth wanted to continue the many years of forestry, mint and riparian restoration work that had formed her early experiences with plants. Chris, who  worked at Rana Creek- a green design, native nursery and restoration design company in Carmel Valley California, had the expertise to propel many of the existing projects forward and pursue nursery projects of our own. We are lucky to be able to work on these projects during the fall, winter and spring when there is less vegetable production. It keeps us and our crew busy year round!


McK Ranch

McK Ranch is a Grass Fed and Grass Fattened Natural Beef ranch located in Dallas Oregon. David and Bette McKibben started the ranch with the the ideal that you are what you eat. They strive to raise animals 100% naturally and solely on grass so that they are healthy happy animals.


Our Table Farm

Our Table Cooperative farms on 58 acres of land located about 15 miles south of Portland. We raise a variety of crops, including vegetables, blueberries, strawberries, apples, and pastured chickens and eggs. A year-round creek called Rock Creek flows through the property. A large pond, water rights for irrigation, varying topography, a lovely view of Mount Hood, and wonderful neighbors make this a truly spectacular location.

Our farm is Certified Organic under the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP). This includes all our plant-based crops, as well as our chickens and eggs. Since we took over the property in 2011, no artificial chemicals of any sort have been applied and we have been busily restoring the soil using Biodynamic practices. Long term, it is our goal to work towards Biodynamic Certification, which is a far more stringent and holistic standard.


Tails & Trotters

Inspired by the regional cured hams of Europe, Tails & Trotters is the Pacific Northwest’s first signature pork producer developed from pork finished on local hazelnuts. Tails & Trotters pork is mirrored after the famed Jamon Iberico from Spain; crafted from the Pata Negra, or black-footed Iberian pigs who roam the oak groves of south and southwest Spain feasting on acorns. Using the resources of this region, co-owner and founder Aaron Silverman substituted hazelnuts for acorns and the result was the development of a distinctive variety of Pacific Northwest prosciutto.

Tails & Trotters partners with Pure Country Pork in Ephrata, Washington, a second-generation family farm whose larger clients include Puget Consumer Coop and New Seasons. Pure Country Pork operates on a production system certified by the Food Alliance for sustainable practices and has third-party verification for non-GMO feeds. The pigs owned by Tails & Trotters begin in the same Food Alliance certified program as the pigs designated for New Seasons and Puget Consumer Coop. Before reaching market size, the Tails & Trotters pigs are moved into a separate house and finished on hazelnuts sourced from family packer George Packing Co, in Newberg, Oregon. Aaron developed this finishing system himself on his farm just outside of Eugene, Oregon.

Tails & Trotters pork can be found in stores and restaurants nationwide. Their flagship store, located in Northeast Portland provides customers with everything from holiday hams to sweet Italian sausage and even ground pork for the home cook. Come in and see the prosciuttos hanging as they age to perfection, just as they do in neighborhood butcher shops in Europe.